Aposynthesy (2019)

for chamber orchestra

Performed by the Ostravska Banda

Conductor: Lilianna Krych

Ostrava Days Festival 2019

August 31, 2019, Janacek Conservatory, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Program note:


Aposynthesy (decomposition) is based on the spectral analysis of recording of the piece Booy-e-Baran (Smell of the rain) by the Iranian composer Parviz Meshkatian (1955-2009). Booy-e-Baran is a composition in the Persian mode Nava and in the form of Tasnif* (vocal and instrumental dialogue) on the Rumi’s poem O Yusef. It has been recorded by the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra in 1985 and has been one of the most inspiring pieces of traditional Persian music in my life.

Aposynthesy is my tribute to this piece and in memoriam Parviz Meshkatian. The composition idea is basically giving individual and equal values to every frequency in the original recording. And assigning series of frequencies to each instrument quantized to the nearest pitch. Also keeping the timing of frequencies with quantizing milliseconds to the nearest 32nd rhythm while stretching and squeezing the material continuously. Thus, achieving a distorted view of the original piece passing through different layers of filters and processes.

* one of the several forms of Persian music and can be considered as the Persian equivalent of the ballad