Performed by the JACK Quartet (Christopher Otto and Austin Wulliman)

Program note:


There is always a minimum level of differences which human can recognize in order to differentiate two things. below that point, the differences are not noticeable. This is the immediate moment of finding the minimum different enough details. In this piece, both violins have mostly identical music to perform. In a developing process, while still on the same rhythms, some pitches will be occasionally different. In the middle of the piece, we reach to the climax of differences where some bars have totally different content. Finally, the moment that one violin has rest while the other one is playing is the most different moment between two lines. Both parts merge into and born from each other's sound throughout the music. The whole piece has an arch-inspired structure in which both instruments play almost the same music, they dispart from each other and finally unify again. Color coding also aims to elaborate types of differences in the musical materials. Also the Scortatura tuning makes the identical parts sound as broken unisons due to the qurter-tone intervals.

Minimum Different Enough Details (2018)