for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano

Dedicated to Nader Mashayekhi

Quintet No.2 "Written Improvisation" (2014-2015)


Flute: Pouyan Farzin

Clarinet: Yalda Ehsani

Violin: Danial Jourabchi

Cello: Salar Ghaffarbejouei

Piano: Shadi Shayegani

Conductor: Amin Sharifi

Recording session:

June, 2015

Recording studio:

Studio Bell, Tehran

Recording engineer:

Omid Nikbin


From episode 18 Penelope, Ulysses by James Joyce

YES BECAUSE HE NEVER DID A THING LIKE THAT BEFORE AS ASK TO get his breakfast in bed with a couple of eggs since the City arms hotel when he used to be pretending to be laid up with a sick voice doing his highness to make himself interesting to that old faggot Mrs Riordan that he thought he had a great leg of and she never left us a farthing all for masses for herself and her soul greatest miser ever was actually afraid to lay out 4d for her methylated spirit telling me all her ailments she had too much old chat in her about politics and earthquakes and the end of the world let us have a bit of fun first God help the world if all the women were her sort down on bathing-suits and lownecks of course nobody wanted her to wear I suppose she was pious because no man would look at her twice I hope I'll never be like her a wonder she didnt want us to cover our faces but she was a welleducated woman certainly and...