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Shifting Colors on the Slant

I have always been searching for free improvisatory forms in composing these piano works (2013-2017). Sometimes they are indicated and scripted meticulously, like Seven Color Tile I, II, III, and Shifting Colors on the Slant, and sometimes with regards to aleatoric music, some elements are left to the determination of the performer, such as Seven Color Tile IV, and Today Is the First Day of Your Future. Therefore, the personal interpretation of Futaba Niekawa, the Japanese performer is of great importance to consider.

Rhythmic and melodic elements of Persian traditional music, as well as the idea of coloring in impressionistic music/painting are other sources of inspiration I drew upon in composing the pieces of this collection, which are recognizable to different extents in each piece/tableau. The crossing point of these two attempts – in Seven Color Tile I-IV, and Persian Tendency – results in a painted canvas of Persian music.

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