Recent works (2017-present)

Released Albums

Mise-en-Scene for the JACK Quartet
for the JACK Quartet
Koocheh Baghi for Hypercube
for Hypercube
Minimum Different Enough Details
Violin Duo for Risuonanze Festival 2018
Veni, Vidi, Amavi for Symphonic Band
for Indiana Symphonic Band
TrombionOphone (Triple Concerto)
Bologna Philharmonic Orchestra
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Older works: Select Chamber Music (2012-2016)

Quintet No.2 "Written Improvisation"
Monologue I for clarinet solo
Monologue II for flute solo
Why Should be Like This?
Quintet No.1 "Lamentoso"
Persian Trend for Persian intruments
Sketches fo a cappella
Eastern Crossroad for flute solo
Enigma for flute trio
Duets: Exhibition for flute & guitar
String Quartet No.1
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